November 2016 scratch night

The Lowdown 22/ 11/ 2016 at Rich Mix

Curated and produced by Hannah Elsy

The programme was:

The Curse Of Love by German Munoz and Richard Seaman


Bright Young Things by Dylan Wynford | Co- directed by Dyland Wynford and Connor Bannister | Musical direction by Jack Wolfe | Starring Dylan Winford, Connor Bannister, Jack Wolfe, Gregor Duncan, Georgina Hanson, Gemma Hirst

Rice Harvest by Keith Hale and William Dashwood | Based on an original idea by Keith Hale | Directed by Martin McDonagh

Harry Windsor: My Life In Song by Henry Carpenter | Directed and Produced by Hannah Elsy | Starring Joe McArdle

Joe McArdle in Harry Windsor: My Life In Song at The Lowdown November 2016. Photography Lidia Crisafulli